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IDSK > Membership

What are the benefits of becoming an IDSK member?

As a member of IDSK you will:

  • Receive first priority in attending IDSK organised conferences and events
  • Receive a discount on all IDSK organised events
  • Be eligible to receive a scholarship to attend conferences to present on infectious disease topics of interest
  • Receive monthly updates on ongoing infectious disease related conferences and funding opportunities available in Kenya
  • Be eligible to participate and vote in the annual general meetings (only possible for professional members)

What are the requirements?

Any individual working or studying in the human or one health related field in Kenya is eligible to apply. Members must have higher education training or be enrolled in an institution of higher learning.

Professional Members
Annual Fee KES 2,500


  • Persons who are health professionals with an interest in infectious diseases.
  • Have undergone a postgraduate infectious disease training.
  • Professional members can vote.
  • You qualify to hold officer position.
  • You qualify to serve on the board of directors.
Affiliate Members
Annual Fee KES 1,000


  • Members who do not meet the criteria for professional members but have an interest in Infectious Diseases.
  • Ideal for Students.
  • Members do NOT vote
  • Members CANNOT hold officer positions
  • Members CANNOT be part of the board of directors.
Associate Members
Annual Fee KES 2,500


  • Individuals who are employees of pharmaceutical or laboratory equipment companies who are members due to their association with these companies.
  • Members do NOT vote.
  • Members CANNOT hold officer positions.
  • Members CANNOT be part of the board of directors.

Before you complete the form please make an MPESA payment of to the IDSK bank account



Please keep note of the mobile number used to make the MPESA payment.

You will receive an email confirmation of your registration and payment within 4 weeks.

If you have any difficulties with registration contact the secretariat at .